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Our commercial solar energy clients – from Fortune 100 companies to local, family-owned sandwich shops – trust Circular Energy to deliver work at the highest professional standard. From project planning and finance to engineering and construction, our in-house team of engineers, project managers and finance specialists simplify the process for our clients.


Track Record Matters


Only a handful of companies in any given industry can direct their client base to the entire portfolio of previous work, and utilize those references to demonstrate a track record providing the ultimate peace of mind.  In the Solar Industry, that company is Circular Energy.  From the first 150kw project completed in our second year, to the multiple megawatts installed this year, each and every client sponsor has enjoyed their experience and benefited from a higher-performing system than promised.  That’s a 100%+ system performance 100% of the time.   The talent throughout our organization works tirelessly to never let that change.


Getting Started is Easy


Ready to learn more about solar energy? Reach out and tell us about your business. Our engineers perform a simple feasibility study, and then walk you through the high-level design concept and financial benefits of your potential solar solution.

Financing Options

Circular Energy’s financial partners enable us to bring a suite of solar financing solutions to our clients. Market regulations, combined with the unique financial track record of each client, help us identify the most appropriate solution. We offer solar financing through the following vehicles:

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA): a method for our clients to obtain solar with no money down, and then pay for the energy yield from the system at a pre-determined rate lower than the rate at which they currently pay the utility.
  • Capital Lease: a more conventional loan with no down payment, amortized with equal payments over the life of the loan. This solution enables our larger commercial clients to utilize the Investment Tax Credit and Accelerated Depreciation benefits to offset their tax liability. In electric markets with additional solar incentives, the monthly payment from this loan can oftentimes be lower than the avoided energy cost.
  • Short-term Loans: for clients able or willing to contribute an initial capital outlay, these lower-interest rate loans allow great flexibility to offset a portion of the up-front cost and later utilize the tax benefits to pay down the short-term loans.


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