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Solar Energy is here for the long haul.

An enormous number of homeowners and businesses are making the switch and we need to prepare for this transformation. SolarReady™ deliverables prepare new construction projects for future solar integration.

Why design and build SolarReady?

SolarReady designed buildings improve aesthetics, minimize or eliminate retrofit costs, reduce installation costs, increase energy production and result in a more optimized solution.

You have a chance to capture the savings associated with new construction when you include SolarReady early in the project. The sooner you introduce us to your architect, the easier the process and greater the savings potential.

Who benefits from SolarReady?

Homeowners and Commercial Property Owners in the process of building a new home, office or facility use SolarReady to reduce the costs of solar energy and keep all options on the table. Upon going solar, clients are credited for any associated SolarReady services used.

Architects use SolarReady services to design buildings with solar in mind, even if solar is not part of the initial build. In addition to consulting and feasibility assessments, we provide SolarReady deliverables that include a cost-benefit analysis, conceptual panel layout and construction documents.

Builders and developers use SolarReady to provide the flexibility to move towards solar energy easily in the future, saving the property owners a lot of money when they do go solar. Some builders have made SolarReady a standard feature and market this benefit to their clients.













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